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    Remove username and password


    Please could you tell me how l go about removing the username and password screen on startup as l must have installed this option when l setup windows.
    Is there anyway to remove this option?
    Your assistance would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Remove username and password

    Here's a tip I copied a long time ago...

    There are a few ways for users to logon to Windows. There is the simple Windows logon, the Microsoft Family Logon, & a full network logon. Each one is different.
    Windows Logon
    1. Right-click on the Network Neighborhood icon and select the Properties option. Select the Configuration tab. Change to "Windows Logon" in the Primary Network Logon box. Click OK.
    2. Windows logon simply asks for a name & a password. Windows 98 stores your password in a file that has the extension PWL. The first part of the filename will be the same as your user name. To remove the password prompt, begin by deleting your PWL file.
    a. Next, restart your system, and you'll see the Enter Windows Password dialog box. At this point, simply click OK

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