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    Totals Query (2000)

    I have 5 fields that I would like to use in a totals query (if that is possible). Group Number, Group Name, Prod ID, Prod Desc, FAMembers. I want to Group on Group Number and Prod Id and sum FAMembers. How do I include the Group Name and Product Description fields. I tried Expression and First and Last. First and Last work but I am not sure what First and Last mean.

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    Re: Totals Query (2000)

    Assuming that all theses fields are in the same table, first and last aren't going to work as expected in a totals query. Build your totals query using Group Number Prod ID and the sum of FAMembers. Save that query and create a new query that joins the saved totals query back to the table to pick up Group name and Prod Desc. It isn't clear what the relationship is between group number and Prod ID, so I can't be more specific.

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