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    Default Window Size (IE 6.0.2600)

    Something seems to have changed the default window size for certain tasks in IE.

    If I open IE it opens to full window.

    If I open IE and open a favorite it opens to full window.

    If I click a link it will open in the same full window.

    But ... if I right click a link and choose open in a new window, it will open to a new window with a very small default size.


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    Re: Default Window Size (IE 6.0.2600)

    This is a recurring problem in IE.
    1. Open IE. Have only that window open.
    2. Right click a link & open in a new window.
    3. Resize that window the way you want.
    4. Close the FIRST window only.
    5. Hold down the shift & ctrl keys & click the X to close the second (only remaining) window open.

    The next time you start IE, the window should size properly. But it won't stay that way forever, so keep this solution handy.

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