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Thread: The PATH in W2K

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    The PATH in W2K

    What file/files establish the PATH ?
    I had a virus/worm/trojan (problem) that appears to have added an invalid directory
    to my (dos) path. Being an old command-line junkie, I'd like to see what else is in
    the file/files that windows boot up through (autoexec.bat & config.sys, msdos.sys etc.)

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    Re: The PATH in W2K

    It's somewhere on the Control Panel > System applet. I don't have a W2K system here to check exactly which tab.
    On XP there is a button marked "Environment Variables" near the bottom of the Advanced Tab


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    Re: The PATH in W2K

    Right Click on the My Computer icon on the desktop. Select Properties.

    Switch to the Advanced Tab and click the Environmental Variables button.

    In the lower half you will see a section called System Variables. Scroll down that list and look for the PATH entry. Click once on it to select it, then click the edit button to edit the path.

    It may even be in the "User Variables of UserName" section
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