Just loaded Server 2003 STD and now I can't jump through the right hoops to access Windows Update. I'm logged in as Administrator and using the "run as" option, created a new user and added them to the Administrator group, that seemed to help, the new window said that IE Enhanced Security was the next roadblock so I uninstalled IE Enhanced Security for the Administrator group and that brought me back to the original "Administrators Only" screen. I've seen a similar problem in the past on Windows 2000 workstation and I was able to find a login that worked although every login I tried was superficially setup the same (in admin grp). I see the opening paragraph in the "Administrator Only" window but I don't know what to make of it. This is the first time I've tried to load 2003, I'm trying to work through some issues before our network consultant has to come by. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, Greg