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    master slide backgrounds

    What is the easiest way to copy a background picture that is on a master slide of another slide show to my current slide show? Can I copy the whole slide master to another show?

    I am using Powerpoint2000 SR 1 9.0.3821

    In this particular case I have tried to paste the picture onto another slide master. It ended up on top of the titles and footers.

    Ideally in this case I need a send picture to back so that the other fields come to the front for me to edit.

    thanks all

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    Re: master slide backgrounds

    If you right-click on top of the graphic, you'll find the Order menu. From there you can order the graphic above or below your text.
    You cann't copy a slide master from presentation to presentation. You'll have to edit your current master to look like what you want.
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    Re: master slide backgrounds

    I believe you can copy a background to another presentation, but it will take on the color scheme of the new one. THerefore it's not necessarliy easy thing to do. Any elements on the slide background can be copied and pasted. The actual background cannot and must be recreated.

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