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    Slow Office Shortcut Bar buttons

    I'm having a problem with a few PCs running NT4 and Office 97. When a standard button on the bar is pressed (eg Word), it takes about 40 seconds for the application to start. During this time, the shortcut bar seems to hang.

    The application can be started from the start menu in less than 2 seconds. Deleting the button and recreating it from scratch (not just dragging the start menu shortcut) fixes the problem but this has to be done for every button.

    Has anyone come across this?
    Is there any easier solution?


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    Re: Slow Office Shortcut Bar buttons

    I could find nothing on the Knowledge Base, but I'm going to take a guess. Do a search for all temp files *.tmp & also *.ttb files. Delete all but the latest .ttb file. See if that helps. If not, rename the latest .ttb file also (like to .txx). My recollection is that OSB will recreate the necessary files.

    For what it's worth, I've noticed that OSB opens apps a little more slowly on my machine than shortcuts on the QuickLaunch toolbar (probably about a second difference), but I haven't tried to find out why yet.

    Post back if this helps (or not).

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