Running Office 97 SR-2 on Window NT)

I have an application with two tables. The first contains information about contacts (Prefix,Dept,Contact,Phone,Ext.). No one can make a request unless their information is in the first table. The second table contains information about requests being made by those in the first table.

I have a list box on a form defined that is using a query which prompts for a prefix. It brings up a list of all the contacts for that prefix (two to six entries).
What I want to do is double click on the contact making the request and have it fill with the List box information into the fields on the form which are used to enter the request.

I have created the following to assign the values over to the form fields:

Private Sub List90_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
Me!Prefix Me!List90.Column(0)
Me!DeptName Me!List90.Column(1)
Me!DeptContact Me!List90.Column(2)
Me!DeptContactPhone Me!List90.Column(3)
Me!DeptContactExtension Me!List90.Column(4)
End Sub

There are equal signs between the field names but they don't seem to show up.

Everything seems to work as far as getting the information into the list box, but on the initial double click, it populates the phonenumber in the deptname field. The prefix is correct and the contactname is correct but nothing in the phonenumber or extension. Then if I go into design and then switch back (being prompted for the prefix), the information from the previous selected entry in the listbox is in the right fields on the form.

Any help would be great!