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    Distribution List

    I use Outlook 98 for my Contacts and Outlook Express 5.5 for my e-mail and share address book with Outlook. I recently followed advice in one of Woody's newsletters to create a new .pst file. This worked fine except for one problem. My distribution lists didn't appear anywhere for me to copy them over from the old .pst file and although I copied over the entire contents of my Contacts folder I lost my Distribution lists. I've managed to recreate them manually but want to avoid this happening in future.
    I looked into the possiblity of exporting the Distribution lists to a file so as to have a back up copy but the import/export command in the Address book is greyed out in both Outlook 98 and Outlook Express.
    I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.

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    Re: Distribution List

    Outlook 98 does not support Distribution lists in the Contacts folder. This functionality was introduced in Outlook 2000. Therefore, you won't find those distribution lists in either PST file. They are in your WAB (Windows Address Book) file, which Outlook Express uses to store personal addresses.

    From the main Outlook Express Window, select File | Export | Address Book. Export to a Microsoft Exchange Personal Address Book. This will create a PAB file. You can use PAB (Personal Address Book) files with Outlook 98 to store Personal Distribution Lists.

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    Re: Distribution List

    Thanks. I tried to follow your advice but in Outlook Express when I go to export the Address book the only option is to export as a csv file. I tried just in case but this doesn't copy across the e-mail groups

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