Not sure if I am in the right place for this comment.
I have just read the new Email about Certification. As a UK member I have an alternative certification method which is amusing me greatly.
I am very new to Office although I was dropped in at the deep end with WORD in 1986 when one of my employers wanted an Analysis report documenting using WORD. SInce then I have had contact with Excel, Access and these days I have Office 2000 at home.
I have been a professional member of the British Computer Society since 1987 and they have been responsible for putting together with European countries the 'European Computer Driving Licence'. The idea is that the holder with have a driving licence type card which will assure any employer that the holder has a basic knowledge of using a computer and basic skills in Microsoft products. Actually it does not have to be specifically Microsoft software just knowledge of word processing, spread sheets, databases, presentations and Email. The course comprises 7 modules and an exam. The first module covers plugging the kit together and data protection laws, the second one file management.
If interested see the British Computer Society web site at and look for the ECDL section which is open to non-members. It is possible to get hold of both the syllabus and sample exams documents. The exam comprises a number of levels - like the Microsoft options. (wonder who thought of it first??).
For the record I have been out of action due to ill health for several years and have been unable to find any kind of work that I could cope with. So I decided to get the ECDL out of sheer <img src=/S/bwaaah.gif border=0 alt=bwaaah width=123 height=15>. The internet based training has been driving me mad as my knowledge is far in advance of the level being taught. (Am I unusual in using CTRL zero to insert a blank line in WORD??) and the suppliers system can not cope with the speed of my broadband system.
The Presentation module has been a pain - mainly because the software has moved on since I last used it in anger. However I have now completed 5 modules and need to do the File Management and Email modules, then I can take the exam. (Must remember to check to see if it is just paper or if it is PC based!!)
Don't know if it will get me back into any kind of paid work but right now I could do with something other than giving my free time to a charity shop (with no computer system).
Would be interested in hearing if anyone else is aware of this ECDL and what they think about it!
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