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    Unable to load MSOE.DLL (IE5.5 and OffoceXP)

    Each time I try to Send/Receive e-mail using OUtLook 2002 on Dial-up or BroadBand, I get error messages. 1. Unable to load MSOE.DLL
    2. Sending and receiving reported unknown error 0x80040154.
    I have tried re-installing Windows 98.
    I have tried re-installing IE 5.5.
    I have tried re-installing Office XP, all to no avail.
    Is there a trick I can use to edit a file on 98SE to make this file load when I launch OUTLOOK?


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    Re: Unable to load MSOE.DLL (IE5.5 and OffoceXP)

    I understand the important relationship among OLE andOutlook, and IE with both of them, and I wondered if you meant to type that you were getting this error when you opened OE instead of Outlook--if Outlook is involved it should probably go in Outlook but this file is an OE error. This will help us help you. Please give us the Version of OE, and which IE you're using because while you said IE5.5 here, you listed IE6.0 in your profile. It matters because different KB's have different methods of uninstalling and reinstalling OE depending on the version of OE you're using and the browser figures in as well. Here are the relevant KB's--I appreciate you gave me the Office version, but some of the KB's I'm looking at on uninstalling OE depend on what OS you have as well according to Microsoft.

    272265: OLEXP: Error Message "Outlook Express Could Not Be Started Because MSOE.DLL Could Not Be Loaded" When You Start Outlook Express

    This one is probably not on point precisely particularly if you mistyped and meant to say you're getting this error when you open Outlook Express.:

    329924: OL2002: Error Message About a DLL File That Cannot Be Loaded

    "This behavior can occur if there are different versions of Outlook Express files located in the C:Program FilesOutlook Express folder because of the installation or uninstallation of different Outlook versions.
    To resolve this behavior, back up your Outlook Express data, and manually remove and reinstall Outlook Express. For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    You may get away without uninstalling and installing OE if you run the repair of IE from Add/Remove System File Checker tool, although it is less potent in Windows 98:

    185836: Description of SFC.exe in Windows 98

    Reinstall or repair IE6 and OE6


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