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    Missing or defective Help files? (A2002 SP-2)

    My Access 2002 Help files (the ones accessed through the VB Editor) include an entry for the NotInList event, but there doesn't seem to be any coverage anywhere about how to handle the event -- i.e., no mention or discussion of NewData and Response, etc.. (The acDataErrContinue and related constants show up in the Object Browser, but hitting F1 just takes me to the NotInList discussion that makes no mention of them.) I'm not looking for info on this particular topic (I know about it either from Help files in previous Access versions or 3rd-party sources), but I'm wondering if this means I'm missing one or more Help files (or have Help file versions that were later upgraded to be more complete).

    As another example of incompleteness, my available Help topics include coverage on lots of Error Numbers between 2420 and 3808 (under "Trappable Microsoft Jet Errors") and on various Error Numbers under 1000 and over 31000 (under "Trappable Errors"), but nothing on, e.g., Error 2105 ("You can't go to the specified record"). If Access breaks on 2105 or another one of these "undocumented" errors and I hit the Help button in the dialog box, the Help window that pops up is completely blank.

    Is everyone else experiencing these same holes, or are there more or improved Help files available?

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    Re: Missing or defective Help files? (A2002 SP-2)

    Many users deplore the steady diminishing of the quality of the Office help files (not only in Access), and in particular of the search facitilies. Those in Office 97 were not as good as in Office 95, and the HTML help in Office 2000/2002 are worse. In fact, a lot of information is there, but some of it can only be found by accident. I don't know of any updates.

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