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    portrait mode monitor--resizing windows (Office 97)

    I just got a 19" LCD monitor that pivots. I want to use it in portrait mode so I can see more lines of my word and excel documents. But, neither of those 2 programs will let me stretch the window any taller than I could when the monitor was in landscape position. On the other hand, MS Works 2000, Publisher 98, I.E. 6, and Dreamweaver (to name a few) CAN be extended for the full height of the monitor.

    Is this a restriction of Office 97? Can it be fixed in the registry? Do newer versions of Office have this problem?

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    Re: portrait mode monitor--resizing windows (Office 97)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 28-Sep-03 21:32. One more thought...)</P>This seems like something that really should be controlled by Windows, not Office. Does the monitor manufacturer supply an "auto-adjusting" driver for the monitor (like the old Radius displays for the Mac)? Maybe they have a compatibility list that will shortcut hours of potentially futile testing. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    Added: Question: if you maximize the Word window, does it retain the 4x3 "landscape" shape? That would be a sign of potential defeat. If not, you could try running a macro to increase the Window size. Try this; and let us know the results in the Immediate window, too. You may need to substitite values that make sense more sense for your display:

    Sub WindowTester()
    ' Write report to the Immediate Window in the VBE (Ctrl+G to open)
    ' Not sure if these properties exist in Word 97's object model...
    Debug.Print "Word thinks screen height is: " & System.HorizontalResolution & " points"
    Debug.Print "Word thinks screen width is: " & System.VerticalResolution & " points"
    With ActiveWindow
    If .WindowState <> wdWindowStateNormal Then
    ' Cannot run if maximized or minimized, so...
    .WindowState = wdWindowStateNormal
    End If
    Debug.Print "Old ActiveWindow height was: " & .Height & " points"
    .Height = 1024
    Debug.Print "ActiveWindow height set to 1024 points"
    Debug.Print "New ActiveWindow height is: " & .Height & " points"
    Debug.Print "Old ActiveWindow width was: " & .Width & " points"
    .Width = 768
    Debug.Print "ActiveWindow width set to 768 points"
    Debug.Print "New ActiveWindow width is: " & .Width & " points"
    End With
    End Sub

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    Re: portrait mode monitor--resizing windows (Office 97)

    There also may be some help for you in Office 2003--it seems they have addressed this to a degree or provided somewhat of a work-around. How it compares with the useful macro Jefferson posted I'm not sure. They have a reading layout that is like the pages of a book and enlarges fonts-- and also narrows the lines of text--more like a magazine. I understand you're interested in seeing more lines--these features are to combat flat screens that tend to shrink text and make tiny fonts in documents you receive.

    You can also scroll two documents that you're reading side by side in Word 2003 simultaneously as if they were one.

    Excel 2003 also has a "list management" feature that allows you to format a spreadsheet into a list, filter the list, and show only certain rows or just the totals--this is exactly like a feature that has been available in Apple MacIntosh for years.

    I did find a thread on with some simularity on changing Excel into Portrait. Since it's over three years old, the author may have gone further with solutions that can help you by now.

    This demos Reading Layout View Word 2003


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