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    Problem with conditional sum addin

    Hi all!

    Aint been in the lounge for a while - what an improvement (not that it was bad before!)

    Problem with conditional format wizard in Excel 2000 build (9.0.2720).

    Set up a very simple table with 3 columns (Store Type, Category, Sales). Want to add up sales figures when Store_Type = "New" and Category = "Mens".

    Conditional sum works OK and gives me the answer I want, but when I try and copy the formula cell somewhere else on the worksheet, and change the contents of the cell from "Old" to "New" for example - I get the #Value! error. Even if I change the case - "New" to "new" I get the #Value!

    The content of the cell in question is :

    {=SUM(IF($C$3:$C$14="Menswear",IF($B$3:$B$14="New" ,$D$3:$D$14,0),0))}

    Question : What are the {} - what do they denote?

    Please help - or point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Problem with conditional sum addin

    The {} you refer may be the source of your problem. They signify that the formula is an Array formula. You DO NOT enter those brackets, but when you have the formula entered hold down Ctrl and Shift keys and press enter. Excel will then wrap the formula in those brackets. You must enter the formula the same way any time you edit it, otherwise it looses it's array status.

    Hopefully that wil sort your problem out.

    Andrew C

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