Howdy all. I've been using my MS FF2 USB joystick with W2k Pro under both the Admin and User account since I first got it 2 months ago. A few days ago while happily flying around blasting the bad guys ships out of space (either W2k or) my joystick software decided to remove part of itself. It happened again Fri. night, and again Sat. night. Up until Sat. night, all I had to do was reinstall the software. This time, after I reinstalled it, it works fine in the Admin account, but won't work in the user account. The taskbar icon is there, but it's dead - nothing but an icon with no functionality. When I go to Control Panel/Gaming Options (ONLY in the User account), and choose properties, it gives me an error message that says: "There was an internal error that may be due to low system resources. Please close this program, as well as other open programs, and try again. If the problem persists, your computer may be missing necessary components of this program. Please reinstall the software". I've reinstalled twice with the same result - it works fine in the admin account, but not the user account. I can't see any sign of low system resources. Any ideas??