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    Hide Restore/Close Buttons (97) (97)

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    Even when I set MinMaxButtons & CloseButton properties to NO on a form, Access still displays the Restore & Close buttons. I've tried the solution in <!mskb=128196>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 128196<!/mskb> but it doesn't really help. Any suggestions? I need to prevent my users from using these buttons.

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    Re: Hide Restore/Close Buttons (97) (97)

    Do you mean the Restore and Close buttons of the form or of the Access application window?

    Access will always show those in a maximized form. That's why the KnowledgeBase article provides a way of setting the form to the maximum available size without being maximized. I don't know what you mean by "doesn't really help", but I myself don't like it. I never maximize forms; I create them the size I like and set the Contol Box property to No, so that neither the minimize/restore/close buttons, nor the system menu on the left hand side of the title bar are displayed.

    If you mean the Restore and Close buttons of the application window, there are ways of disabling them using Windows API calls, but think twice before doing so. It can be very annoying for users.

    However, there are several ways to prevent the user from closing a form or the database unless they use a special command button or menu item. I don't know if that is what you are after.

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