I have not checked in here in a few months, and was looking for the search button to extract and review those that might answer my question without putting it out here for everyone to see I've been truant in attending. I want to move from SBS4.5 to SBS2K with minimum pain to all involved. I thought picking the same domain name, server name would do it. (I want to install on NEW box! not upgrade). I have read just about every white paper on MS and other sites. I also have two NT4 SP6a servers for apps that will need to be mapped to by folks. (They will go away in a month or so, but for now need to be online and usable). I configured, put users and computers in ADS. Mail works, but it looks like I will have to attend each desktop and do the domain/workgroup/domain shuffle (with 3 reboots). Can I start over and skip that somehow. Of course I have already installed the CALs so that is another consideration. (45 users).

I guess the first question should have been, can I ask SBS questions in this playpen for the big kids?