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    Word Wrapping (Word 97)

    I just had a question from someone I couldn't answer, so I thought I would throw it out here and maybe it will ring a bell with someone.

    He has typed a document using Word 97. Hyphenation is not turned on, but words are wrapping in weird ways. Example, at the end of the line, table might wrap by putting tabl on one line and e on the next line, with no hyphen inserted. The second problem he had was trying to globally change the font changed everything into little boxes. I suggested he might have chosen a font he didn't have installed on the machine, but he claims that when he tried to change it back to TNR, half the boxes remained. I haven't seen the document, so I have just his description to go on. If anyone can think of any suggestions, I'd love to be able to solve his problems. Thanks for reading this.

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    Re: Word Wrapping (Word 97)

    Hi Carniac:
    1. Difficult to say without examining the document. Perhaps the person is using non breaking spaces in between words. That could cause Word to wrap in the middle of a word.

    2. This, too, is hard to analyze without examining the document. Perhaps if he selects everything & presses Ctrl+Spacebar & Ctrl+Q to remove all manual formatting, things will return.
    Hope this helps,

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