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    Moving to fields (Word 2002/97)

    A user has a form (template) where in Word 97 he can use the up and down arrows to navigate the dropdown. In Word 2002 the arrows no longer work and he must use the mouse. The user said that there are no macros involved.

    Has the behavior of the dropdown menu changed in Word 2002 from 97?

    BTW, if anyone knows of any documentation on such changes in Office XP I would appreciate knowing about it as that could save alot of research and troubleshooting.



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    Re: Moving to fields (Word 2002/97)

    You already asked this in <post#=298482>post 298482</post#> and got two replies there. Asking the same question again can lead to duplication and confusion. I am locking this thread.

    If anyone wants to reply, please do so in the other thread. Thank you.

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