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    Time Sheet-Project Tracking Template (Excel 2000)

    Looking for Time sheet template with some type of project time report mechanism. Ok, nothing too complicated (my Google search is getting results where you have to actually PAY MONEY!)

    Basically, there will be more than on user (about 5-10) but each using his own sheet. So I would have to consolidate the information somehow. The rough format I am using has a column for date/day of the week; a Client code, an Activity code, a place for hours. I would put in lookup columns to give a brief description of the codes. The "reporting" part, and I am not ruling out pivots but the end user might want to click on a drop down etc, would be able to sum hours by Employee, activity and, this is the "weird" part, perhaps by week and month. I think the Pivot table feature has some capability for aggregating by a time period, so I am checking.

    Basically, I am looking for pre-made templates or ideas. I'd used the search facility here, but . . .

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Time Sheet-Project Tracking Template (Excel 2000)

    I don't have anything premade, but I can help if you want to create something yourself.

    I would suggest (especially since you are starting from scratch), that you do NOT have separate sheets for each user, but consolidate them into one from the onset. Add a column to the normal ones you want to hold the username. This allows using FILTERing to get out individual user information and SUBTOTALS to get info on the filtered data. It also allows much easier pivot table summary sheets to be created.

    If you want to do it yourself and you need help or want suggestions, I think you will have to provide more details on wants/needs, perhaps an example sheet containing ("example") data and maybe info on what types of reports. The one table design makes using builtin features and custom macros relatively simple to do.


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