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    Disk Partitioning (XP Home)

    I have just acquired a new notebook computer and am planning installation of Windows XP Home.

    My preference is to set up two logical drives, with D: holding programs and data. Must this be done be partitioning the disk before Windows intallation or can I set up a logical drive after installation? If so, how can I do this?

    Can I also change the standard settings so that programs are installed in D:Program Files by default?


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    Re: Disk Partitioning (XP Home)


    The answer to the first question is that you don't need to partition the disk prior to the installation The installation formats your hard drive and, you'll be able to partition it during the installation. I put up some links with instructions and screenshots on installing XP.

    I don't know the size of your hard drive, but if I were you, I'd consider something like four partitions, with one for your data and one for your programs and an additional one besides the one for your operating system and minimal system files which could be fairly small. In planning, leave 20-30% free space so that you'll be able to defrag properly--this is important if you don't want your system to drag over time.

    These links and screenshots will make you comfortable with installing XP--it's easy. Basically during Step 7 of the first link, you'll be given the chance to partition your hard drive to your liking:

    Win XP Installation See Step #7 for Partitioning

    XP Home Clean Install Screenshots

    313348: How to Partition and Format a Hard Disk by Using Windows XP Setup (Scroll Down)

    302686: Differences Between a Quick Format and Format During Windows XP Setup
    __________________________________________________ _________

    As to how to partition, you may know what you want, but this may help:

    Post 253603: Reinstall XP Home

    There may be some kind of command that forces all installs to go to a certain drive--maybe someone will offer a way. I install most of my programs to one drive--some programs or parts or programs are going to be directed to the OS drive whatever you do, and I put some of the larger programs on another drive. With every program, you get the chance to put it where you want with the rare exceptions that are going to the OS drive.

    Ed. SMBP You can make a "downloads" folder on any drive and set your download dialogue box to that folder and it will default install to that folder unless you simply change it in the pull down in the download box--most program install "wizards" default to "C" and allow you to change during the install. If for example you download a word document it will default to that folder. I would imagine this applies to any Windows OS 95 up.


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    Re: Disk Partitioning (XP Home)

    <hr>...partitioning the disk before Windows intallation... <hr>
    In addition, there are a number of products out there for partitioning "on the fly," meaning without loss of data. Here's three that come to mind:

    Partition Magic
    Partition Commander
    Partition Manager

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