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    Pivot tables custom calculation (2002 SP2)

    I'm trying to figure out how to display the data in the data area of a spreadsheet as a percentage of another field in my table. I have a column called enroll which contains enrollment numbers for classes (each row is a class), and another column named seats which contains the number of available seats in the classroom. I'd like the cells in my pivot table to show the percentage occupancy of the classroom or enroll / seats. The table shows enrollment by half-hour timeslots for each day (e.g., timeslots vertically down the side as: 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM, etc. and days across the top as Mon, Tue,etc.). It shows the enrollment numbers just fine. I put sum of enroll in the data area and pulled [/b] down the show data as list, where I selected as % and found seats in the Base field area. No matter what I select in the Base Item area, all my cells show #N/A. Please help!

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    Re: Pivot tables custom calculation (2002 SP2)

    I am a little confused about your setup. could you post an example and possibly what numbers you EXPECT to get in a table along with your pivot table.


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