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    A VB question? (97)

    I have spent several days creating over 100 pareto charts and histograms. The good news is they look great and work as expected (almost).

    The "almost" is that the user enters a "minimum" dollar amount on a form, and that amount is used as one of the parameters in the queries driving the reports/charts. One of my users found a glaring error. If they enter "500", it starts at 501 instead of 500. I need to edit everyone of these charts and change ">" to ">=".

    Is there a way to globally change all the code/select criteria at one time?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


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    Re: A VB question? (97)

    You could write your own search and replace utility, but it would be a lot of work to cover everything. There are several add-ins that can search through database objects, for example Find and Replace from Rick Fisher, and SPEED Ferret from Black Moshannon Systems. Both offer free trial downloads (with some of the functionality disabled).

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