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    Frustrations - Access MOS Exam (2002(XP))

    Hello all you GentleFolk,

    I have recently attempted the Access 2002 Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam. On my second attempt I scored 711 (need 750 to be certified) and now am quite frustrated and am looking for some tips/encouragement on my way to certification. I admit I rarely use Access on a regular basis, but I do hold the Master MOUS Instructor Office 2000 Certification (which, of course, included Access 2000 cert)

    My question(s):
    1. Anybody know a good forum to visit that focused on the MOS exams?
    2. Based on my scores below I am somehow weak in "Viewing and Organizing Information." Anyone have some good suggestions how to be successful in that Section? I scored weak in that area in my first attempt as well. It seems such a simple section, and yet ... !
    2.a. I know (At least I think I know) what caused the low (20%) in the forms section. I blew it on changing a form's record source property.
    3. Any general suggestions about this Access Exam?

    My scores were:
    1. Creating and Using Databases = 100%
    2.Creating and Modifying Tables = 63%
    3. Creating and Modifying Queries = 80%
    4. Creating and Modifying Forms = 20%
    5. Viewing and Organizing Data = 50%
    6. Defining Relationships = 100%
    7. Producing Reports = 80%
    8. Integrating with Other Applications = 100%

    Out of a possible 1000 points, certification requires 750 points. This last exam I scored 711! So close, yet so far away!

    In Portland, OR

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    Re: Frustrations - Access MOS Exam (2002(XP))

    Hi Rich,
    All my cynicism about exams for this sort of thing aside, I'm not sure what topics would be covered under Viewing and Organizing Data. I suspect it might involve using crosstab queries and pivot tables, and some of the filtering and sorting options available for datagrid results. What study resources have you used? The recommended book from Microsoft is Access 2002 Step by Step. However, Access is different from other Office applications in that it has many resources for supporting large multi-user applications, and as a result, there are probably more books available on it than for any other application. (It is also the most active forum in Woody's Lounge.) One thing I would suggest is actually building a database or two for yourself or someone else who wants to organize some information. In addition, I would probably either take an intermediate and an advanced course, or invest in additional books or courseware. One book I like for it's practical advice is Alison Balter's Desktop Access 2002 book - it's mostly an intermediate level, but even at that the going can get heavy at times.

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    Re: Frustrations - Access MOS Exam (2002(XP))

    If Viewing and Organizing data involves normalization, try the book Access Database Design & Programming, from O'Reilly publishing. It has a straight forward section on normalization that explains the basics without getting mired in the details.

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