Has anyone had any luck in setting up RBS, groups, categories, etc. for a highly matrixed organization? We're paying a consulting firm to come in and setup our ProjectServer/Project Professional 2002 and frankly I think we're getting hosed...

They haven't been able to demonstrate the functionality that we described in our RFP, to wit:

* Four Project Management Offices (PMOs) broken out by line of business with independent resource pools
* Project Managers within a PMO need access to all of the resources in that line of business
* A shared pool of resources dipped into by all four PMOs

The complications come in that organizationally, the Project Managers are in the bowels of their line of business organization, but need access above and over into other branches of the RBS, but not into any other line of business branch of the RBS.

Any suggestions, especially pointers to folks who've done this in the past would be *GREATLY* appreciate!


Gilbert Marlowe