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    Built-In CD Burning (XP SP1)

    I have been burning CDs through WIndows Explorer for quite some time now, but I have recently run into a problem. I placed a file in there to be burned to CD, but later decided I didn't want to burn it. So I tried to delete it, but it won't delete. And now it won't let me burn CDs at all because that file is in the way! Please help!!!!!

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    Re: Built-In CD Burning (XP SP1)

    This is from MSKB article HOW TO: Copy Information to a CD in Windows XP:

    Delete CD Recorder Temporary Files

    To delete files and folders from the CD recorder temporary storage area:
    1. <LI>Double-click My Computer, and then double-click the CD recording drive.

      Windows displays a temporary storage area where files are held before they are copied to the CD. Files or folders located in the temporary storage area are listed under Files Ready to Be Written to the CD.

      <LI>Under CD Writing Tasks, click Delete temporary files.

      Windows deletes the files and folders from the temporary storage area and moves them to the Recycle Bin. NOTE: When you delete the contents of the temporary storage area, you make this area available for another set of files and folders that you want to copy to the CD. The files are not deleted from their original location on your computer or from the CD.
    Hope this helps.

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