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    Toolbar coloration (Excel 2000)

    I have a group of utility macros that I've put on a toolbar. Two questions: Can I change my toolbar to a different background color and/or fiddle with the font, in an effort to make it more visible? And can I find a better set of button images that those offered by the standard set? Are those images stored somewhere where I can add images? Are they icons? Thanks.

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    Re: Toolbar coloration (Excel 2000)

    I think any customization to make to toolbars will affect them all.

    Some possible workarounds: Instead of toolbar, you could place command button on the spreadsheet or another window making them larger or even colored, or (if XL2000 allows it, XL97 does not, but it was added later) use a modal userform which you could format any way you desire

    Concerniing the Icons:
    John Walkenbach has a downloadable addin which allows you to see all the available "faceID"s. The page also has a macro available to display all the FaceIDs in a worksheet.

    You can find one that looks close to what you want, then edit them for that toolbar. Or you can create one from scratch. They are 16x16 16-color icons.


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