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    Automatic numbering after <RET> not working (2000/SP3)

    I'd like to know why sometimes the automatic numbering & increment doesn't work when you press return after a numbered paragraph, and how can I fix it so that it DOES on those paragraphs where it's no longer functioning.


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    Re: Automatic numbering after <RET> not working (2000/SP3)

    Hi Theo:
    Numbering in Word is a whole can of worms with gotchas at every turn. That being said, are you typing text after the number? If you apply an automatic number & then press <enter> without typing anything, Word removes the numbering. Another issue, are you using a style that is defined to apply another style when you press <enter>? If that's not what the problem is, could you post the document with the automatic number in place that won't increase. i.e. if you apply a number & presss <enter>, causing the number to be removed, & then press Ctrl+Z to reapply the number. Then upload the file.

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