This looks like quite an innovative piece of <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>ware to me. Here's the blurb, but also have a read of the Manual page:

"Batch files still are a good way to get things done. As long as the things are simple, a batch file can be exactly the right way to do it: easily written, portable, and no need to install anything to get it to work. There is one big shortcoming of batchfiles though: interactivety. There is hardly a nice way to ask the user questions. In the old days, in MSDOS, there was no way at all to ask questions; then came CHOICE, a very primitive utility to ask Yes/No kind of questions and get an error level back. And that was it.

Now there is the Wizard's Apprentice. It will allow you to ask questions from a batch file, using Windows dialog boxes in the so-called Wizard style: large dialogs asking one question at a time, with a Back button, a Next button and a Cancel button. With a few common batch techniques, the Wizard's Apprentice will allow you to create wizards with style! "