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Thread: Linking (2000)

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    Linking (2000)

    Hi, I have a d/b that reports on the performance of a employees. I wish to build a stand alone form in a seperate d/b that allows the employees to run their own reports on a monthly basis. In other words I just want a seperate application with a form interface that links into the main d/b. How is this achieved?

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    Re: Linking (2000)

    Create a new database.
    Use File | Get External Data | Link Tables... to create links to all tables in the main database needed for reports.
    What kind of form you need depends on what you require. If you have several pre-built reports, you could use a switchboard form (Tools | Database Utilities | Switchboard Manager) to let the user select one.

    If you want more assistance, please provide more details of what you want to accomplish.

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