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    Project Central - delete from Database option (MS Project Central 2000)

    I am trying to delete either projects or messages for specific users in Project Central. When I go into Server Mode, as the administrator to do this task...I find that the scroll bar window that contains the project name or specific user is not wide enough to provide enough detail to be sure which user or project I am deleting. With have naming conventions here and all user names start with the same first 10-15 characters. There appears no way to widen the view of the scroll bar window for either choice (project name or user name) Any ideas, other than getting naming conventions changed, that can be used to differentiate the choices in the two lists?

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    Re: Project Central - delete from Database option (MS Project Central 2000

    It should be possible to go in at the database level and find and delete projects and/or messages. For SQL Server or MSDE, you could use either the Enterprise Manager, or an Access ADP front-end to look at the data. The latter of course assumes you have Access development expertise. But I would think you might want to change your naming convention anyhow - it seems pretty unweildy the way you describe it.

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