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Thread: Locking up

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    Locking up

    I have WIndows 2000 sp1 running. I installed EZ-CD creator 4.03. When I hit the icon to launch the program the computer lock up and had to be restarted manually. It also prevents any new software from being installed, after the new programs are installed and you launch the icons the pc freezes. I have just re-installed win2k and ezcd creator for the third time and still get the freeze. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix????

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    Re: Locking up

    If you don't install EZCD 4, does the system operate normally?

    I have had issues with the system driver installed by EZCD but never had it lock the machine up. Perhaps it is scanning your drives - can you launch the task manager, CTRL+ALT+DEL, or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC?

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    Re: Locking up

    It runs 100%. I just installed Nero Bruning CD ROM and the machine works fine...with one hitch. The machine had to be rebuilt, something in the registry prevented any newly installed software from running after EZ-CD is installed and removed. I have seen this problem with 2 PC's now. And I used a different copy of EZ-CD Creator for each.

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