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    Service Pack 1a ??? (Windows XP)

    Can I impose to ask for a quick summary of the upside & downside to installing SP1a ? Do I have to activate again ?? I've heard the SP is necessary to install Office 2003 .... Thanks very much

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    Re: Service Pack 1a ??? (Windows XP)

    According to MSKB 813926, "If you are not running Windows XP SP1, install SP1a to make sure that you have the latest security and reliability updates for Windows XP."
    However, if you installed all hotfixes up-to date, it is not necessary to upgrade from SP1 to SP1a.

    If you did not install any Service Packs yet, you definitely must install SP1a. You do not need to run through registration/activation process once again. You need to install SP1 (SP1a) before you apply latest security patches.

    I don't think you need to upgrade to SP1 to install Office 2003, but it's a good idea to have the latest security and reliability updates installed on your computer.

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