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    Copying bullets styles using style organizer (2002 SP2)

    Sometimes I use the style organizer to copy styles from one doc or template into another.

    I often have a problem with styles containing bullets: the indentations (of both the bullet and the text) don't transfer properly. Today a style with bullet at 0.85" and text beginning at 1" (after a tab) copied into a new document with the bullet at 0" and text at 0.25".

    I suspect it's our beloved list templates at work, but could someone suggest a way of making the bullet style stick?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Copying bullets styles using style organizer (2002 SP2)

    In the earlier versions of Word I think that list elements are not copied across when styles are copied. I always run macros to ensure the list elements are set for a document which didn't start life from my template.

    In Word 2002 there is a new style type called List Styles. I have great hopes that these can be configured and assigned to a paragraph style which would then allow you to copy both styles to another document and get what you expect. I have not tested this theory yet as I am still happy with my macro method.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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