I have several tables within an Access DB that store info that represents the schema of the database that my companies product uses. I have done this so as to have a single source in which changes to the database schema can be recorded in a single location that all of my co-workers can access. Currently we all have print outs that are heavily marked up. I thought Access would be perfect for this kind of data since we are not talking large amounts. What I was hoping is to use the Data Access Pages part of Access to present a Web Based front end for everyone to access the data stored in the MDB file. I have never worked with DAP's before so my question may have a very simple answer.

Q: I would like to present at the main page a list of all the Table names which are stored within a single table called tblTABLE. I know that may sound starnge but when your using tables to store table schema info or meta-data the name interactions can be confusing at first, anyway.... in my experimenting with DAP;s I can;t seem to find a way to do this. It always wants to display a single records info only.