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    Export query data to Excel (Access 2000)

    I've got data in a parameter query that I want to export to an existing Excel file so that I can run a macro on the data in Excel. What is the best way to get my data from the query to the Excel file so that I can run my macro? Would an Excel template work? Do I need to go from Access to Excel? Or should I pull the data from Access to Excel? Please help.

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    Re: Export query data to Excel (Access 2000)

    To export the results of a parameter query from Access to Excel:

    - Select the parameter query in the database window.
    - Select File | Export...
    - From the Files of Type dropdown list, select Excel 97-2000 (*.xls)
    - Select the Excel workbook.
    - Click Export.
    - You will be prompted for the parameters.
    - The data will be exported to a worksheet in the Excel workbook with the same name as the query. If this worksheet already exists, it will be overwritten by the new data.

    Importing from Access into Excel causes problems for parameter queries.

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