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    Edit a Crosstab Subform (Access 97)

    I have come to the realisation that a subform based on a crosstab query cannot be edited. From previous searches I believe that this issue can be resolved by using the On Got Focus event to show a text box that can be edited. However due to my "Newbie" status I am unsure as to how attach the appropriate Control Source to this text box. Would greatly appreciate any help or directions on this
    Thanks AH

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    Re: Edit a Crosstab Subform (Access 97)

    A crosstab query always displays grouped data instead of individual data. Therefore, a crosstab query is not editeable, and neither is a form based on a crosstab query. You can't display an editeable text box on the same form. You will have to create and display another form based on an editeable query if you want the user to be able to modify data.

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