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    searching a document (Word 200)

    I have many documents that have tables in them. Why is it that sometimes when I'm searching for a phrase, that the application will return something from a table, and other times skip table contents? I have had to convert some of my tables to text so that I can perform the search. I feel as though there's a search parameter somewhere that I am unknowingly toggling.


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    Re: searching a document (Word 200)

    Hi Jodi:
    I can't duplicate that. Is it possible that you have a style selected that doesn't match the style in the table? Also, look at this if you're searching from VBA. Do you think you can post that portion of the table where search isn't working? The problem is that there can be so many things that are done accidentally (leaving wildcards checked vs. not; having formatting selected in the Find box, etc.).

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