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    Simple question, printing an custom sized document (Word 2000)

    I am desinging a handbook sized 6" X4". I have the handbook stored in a word file with the setting custom paper size in the page properties dialogue box. However, I first want to print the handbook on regular 8" X 11" paper with one page from the 6"X 4" text accurately sized and centered on one page of 8"X11" paper. Is this possible? So far I confess I have not been able to do it. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: Simple question, printing an custom sized document (Word 2000)

    Have you tried setting paper size to 8" x 11" (in a copy of the document!) and increasing left and right margins by 1", top and bottom margins by 3.5"? This would reduce the printed area to that of a 8"-2*1"= 6" by 11"-2*3.5"=4" page.

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