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    indexing to heading NOT page (Word 2000)

    hello everyone,

    any suggestions on how to generate an index that will reference section
    headings rather than the page number that the particular heading appears
    on --

    my document is broken down as follows:

    heading 1 Article 1
    heading 2 Section 1.1
    heading 3 (a)
    heading 4 (i)

    within certain headings are defined terms that need to be marked for
    indexing -- no problem there -- but instead of a page number -- the actual
    section number is desired, i.e., 1.1(a) --

    I know that you can use the t but is there something else that will cause
    less of an issue so that any operator can work on it without blowing up
    the document --

    any thoughts would be appreciated --

    thanks for reading --


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    Re: indexing to heading NOT page (Word 2000)

    I am thinking of including a StyleRef field inside the Index field. I will do some investigation and let you know if I can work out a sensible way to do this.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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