What project version / tool would be the best and most reliable resource to manage very dynamic and rapidly changing software development environments? We have found that our current version Project 2000 does not seem to be the best at handling all our projects consistently. I even have the individual projects set up in separate project files, then I insert them into a master project with a resource pool.

It's seems to be the apparent limitations of MS-Project 2000, and/or of our ability to use it to its fullest capabilities, that seem to have made it too difficult for the Project Leaders to create and manage project plans by a CPM approach. If they are asked to define their plans to a granular level normally needed when developing a project schedule and then keeping those project plans and schedules current. It seems that we are thwarted by volatility in the WBS (work breakdown structure), an inability to confidently predict time remaining to accomplish tasks w/i that WBS, and an inability to manage project plan dates other than by manually "forcing" them to dates that MS Project would not generate when left to its own internal analysis of status vs. plan.

I am thinking of upgrading to a Enterprise Management architecture to resolve some of these issues, but I could really use some advise and expertise.