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    Student Test (2002)

    I am trying to create an online test for my students. The idea is to present a set number of questions in a random sequence from the database. The random sequence is necessary to help decrease the opportunity of one student viewing the answers on the screen of his/her neighbor. The students will select an answer in the form of multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blank. The problem begins when I want to validate the answer. I want to present the test using a form or data access page if possible and am considering the possibility of using forms made with FrontPage so I can provide the test to a bigger audience and keep my database "safe". Once a student selects an answer, I need to find out how to create a comparison to the right answer and generate a score. I would also like to allow the student to view their score after completion and review the questions/answers with an explanation of the correct answers for the ones they missed. I'm thinking that I can associate a value of one to the correct answer and something else to the wrong answer. Then count the ones and generate a report that provides statistical analysis of the student responses. This is obviously the beginning of a daunting project, but am confident that I can make a lot of head way if I can figure out how to generate a score or some kind of validation for the answers. Thanks for any ideas...

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    Re: Student Test (2002)

    I would set up three tables:

    - tblStudents holds info about the students. Primary key is an AutoNumber field StudentID.
    - tblQuestions holds info about the questions. Primary key is an AutoNumber field QuestionID. Among the info stored is the question text and question type, as well as the correct answer. The easiest way to store the answer is a text field.
    - tblAnswers holds the answers given by the students. Each record is one reply by one student. Primary key is the combination of StudentID and QuestionID (both Number - Long Integer in this table.)

    In the Relationships window, create a relationship between tblStudents and tblAnswers on StudentID, and between tblQuestions and tblAnswers on QuestionID. Set referential integrity for both relationships.

    To calculate the score for a student, create a query based on tblQuestions and tblAnswers. Add the StudentID and a calculated column Score: Abs(tblQuestions.Answer = tblAnswers.Answer). If the student gave the correct answer to a question, (tblQuestions.Answer = tblAnswers.Answer) will be True, this is equivalent to -1. Abs turns this into +1. This query will return the score for each question. You can create a Totals query based on it in which you group on StudentID and sum the score. This returns the total score for each student.

    Of course, this is only the basic table structure, with a suggestion about computing scores.

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