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    XP to Win95a Ethernet

    I want to network a Win95a computer with a WinXP computer. (I had previously networked the Win95a with a Win98SE via Ethernet, using a null modem cable). This is to be temporary, only to transfer large data files. And I don't need to share internet connections.

    However, the WinXP networking instructions that I can find exclude Win95a as a destination for Ethernet. (Ditto for "Direct Cable Connection".)

    Still, I tried.
    I used XP's Wizard to set up the XP, although one requirement seemed odd: That I have an Internet connection, when I didn't intend to connect to the internet involving Ethernet. (This requirement seemed to disappear in later steps).
    I left the password on both computers blank, and I set the same Workgroup name on both.
    I have sharings turned on.
    But neither computer shows up in the Network Neighborhood of the other.

    Yet, when I shut the XP down, it warns me that I am about to cut off the other users who ARE connected! I suppose that suggests I'm getting close, but I don't know what to try next.

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    Re: XP to Win95a Ethernet

    A quick google search gave me this: I wish this wasn't so tricky, and since I've set up my little network I don't play with it much so I am rusty (if it ain't broke...), but hope it helps.

    ps I searched on "network xp and 95" There were other hits.....

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