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    MS Access Passwords

    I'm developing an ASP/Access system that uses a secured access database, I've chosen to secure it via the mdw route. I'm reading from and writing to the database via ADO and everything works peachy. However, I want to add the facility of users to change their passwords, is this possible? I'd also like the ability of new users to add themselves to the database, although this is probably not wise I'm creating this system more as something to round of my CV and show potential employees what I can do.

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    Re: MS Access Passwords

    You will have to use DAO code to work with user-level security (using an .mdw file), ADO is too limited in this area.

    In the DAO object model, you can work with Users and Groups. The User object has a method NewPassword to set a new password, and the Workspace object has a method CreateUser.

    To learn more about this, I suggest the following:
    <UL><LI>Look at ACC2000: Microsoft Access Security FAQ Available in Download Center.
    <LI>Experiment with code in an Access database. Don't forget to set a reference to the Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library in Tools | Options... in the Visual Basic Editor.
    <LI>The Object Inspector in the Visual Basic Editor is a handy tool to look up DAO objects, properties and methods. F1 will open context-sensitive help.
    <LI>When you have got code to change a password etc. working in Access, you can transfer it to ASP. You must use late binding: declare variables as Object instead of as DAO.Workspace etc., and you must replace DAO constants with their values - you can look these up in the Object Inspector.[/list]Post back if you have questions.

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    Re: MS Access Passwords

    In addition to Hans' suggestions, you might want to look at the Access Developer's Handbook (2000 or 2002 version - Volume 2) which has a lengthy section on how to deal with user security issues programatically. The complication that I suspect may arise is that using DAO from an ASP interface may be a significant challenge - but it sounds like an interesting one.

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