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    Is Works 7 worth the bother? (7)

    Rather than putting this in the "MS Works" forum...

    Many new computers (e.g. Dell) appear now to ship with Works 7, not WorksSuite 200x, nor even Office XP Standard.

    As far as I can see, Works 7 is fine -- provided you don't need to exchange documents, speadsheets, etc with someone who has higher-level software.

    WorksSuite 200x provided a full copy of Word xx, plus a few other decent programs like (in the UK) AutoRoute -- but no Excel xx, and so on.

    So my question is: What should people do if they would get Works 7 on their new PCs? Make sure they get an upgrade to WorksSuite or Office XP before their computer has been built? Or what?

    Or am I being too unkind to Works 7?
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    Re: Is Works 7 worth the bother? (7)

    Since I use Office XP and will be going to 2003, I uninstall Works.
    I just bought a new Sony machine with several programs that I do not or will not use, so I remove them.
    As for Works, yes, you need to do a uninstall before installing Office, or you will be using the copy that came with Works if it is the same or newer version of Word in your copy of Office. Then when one installs a "Service Patch", you will need both the Works CD and Office CD.

    As for what is the newest version, I found that the 2004 Suite contains Works version 7, so I would think it is the latest.

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