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    Multiple Startup Templates (Word 2000/XP)

    Is there a have Word start with an additional "startup" template without actually copying the template to the startup directory?

    My problem is I have users on both 2000 and XP, some of whom are not skilled at software operation. We have many different hospital clients and a Master template for each client. I can easily create links that start Word with startup options or even a batch file loading the corresponding master template for each client. What I am going to have problems with is the path to the Word startup folders.

    I'm trying to avoid having a different batch file for 2000 and XP because someone will invariably download and run the wrong batch file.



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    Re: Multiple Startup Templates (Word 2000/XP)

    If you use VBScript for your "batch" file you can read the startup folder out of the registry. (I don't recall the syntax offhand, but can come up with it if needed.)

    While you can link to a remote template by placing a shortcut (.LNK type) in the WordStartup folder, creating a shortcut on the fly is a lot harder than copying a file. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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