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    Search Engine (6)

    Suddenly I have a new default search engine! Whenever I go to search for something, it has been my practice to just type it in the URL address box and go from there. It used to be that Yahoo did the searches for me. A few weeks ago instead of Yahoo, I have something called "Allmighty Search" and going into File/Properties for IE6 shows a General tab and it then shows "Domain Lander Page". So, my question is not only to ask how that suddenly invaded my computer but what I do to get rid of it if I want Yahoo to be my main/default search engine.


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    Re: Search Engine (6)

    KenK's <!post=Anti Adware Spyware Hijack,296439>Anti Adware Spyware Hijack<!/post> has links to all the tools you can use to get rid of this parasite.

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