After listening to Sherry Kappel (Microsystems) interview our own Woody (Oct 2) I've been collecting price comparisons from various sources in Toronto so my office could order Woody's "Special Edition Using MS Office XP" [ISBN 0789725134] and I also wanted to buy "Windows XP inside Out" by Ed Bott and Carl Siechert. I came across what appears to be a great buy. In Canada Woody's Special Edition ... XP is $59.95 Cdn .and the Windows books is $72.99 Cdn. Via the page, Amazon link - see Better Together the price for both is $36.76 (plus $12.00 shipping for Canada) - in Canadian bucks that's $48.76. Now that's what I call good value. Off now to put the request in to da Boss for two of each!
Cheers, P.