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    Scrambled Message (Outlook 2002)

    I received a meesage from a discussion list I belong to. Why would this be happening. I believe I have Outlook set for Plain text rather than HTML. Now, the message she refers to as scrambled could have been sent from home on Webmail. Is this the problem? And, if so, how do I cure it? Advise, please.

    Here is the message:

    Dear Don,

    Once again this message is in code. I am reading in the ARCC archive. Several people have sent me
    private notes indicating that your messages appeare as "alphabet shake-up." Are you using different
    computers or mail clients for some of your messages? Most of the time your posts are legible.

    Peace, Ingrid

    That's what I see:

    SGksIE1pa2UsDQpJJ20gZ2xhZCB5b3UgcmVtZW1iZXIgbWUhIC hhbG9uZyB3aXRoIEVsaXphYmV0
    aCkgIE5pY2UgdG8gc2VlIHlvdXIgbmFtZSBhZ2Fpbi4NCiANCk Jlc3Qgd2lzaGVzLA0KDQpEb24N

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    Re: Scrambled Message (Outlook 2002)

    This text was encoded with base64 encoding. Decoded, it says:
    <hr>Hi, Mike,I'm glad you remember me! (along with Elizabeth) Nice to see your name again.Best wishes,Don<hr>
    Somewhere between your mail client and the receiving list, the message is being converted to HTML and encoded in base64 (a way to pass 8-bit data, such as binary attachments, as 7-bit "pure text," between mail servers). The list server apparently doesn't decode the messages properly. Does this make it any clearer??

    P.S. I used this site to decode it:

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