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    Mail Merge Question (Excel 2002)

    I have XP, I have formatted excel, chosen special, to include a first digit zero in a zip code but it will not merge the same in my letters or labels. I have played with it on a couple of label templates and it merges correctly, I managed to inadvertently do something right when setting it up but don't know what that was and can't seem to do the same for others. Could you please help me so I don't have to go back and insert the zero each time before I print, if I forget, the zip codes are incomplete.

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    Re: Mail Merge Question (Excel 2002)

    Cross-posted (and answered) in <post#=304050>post 304050</post#> in the Word forum. To avoid duplication and confusion, I am locking this thread. All replies in the Word forum please. Thank you.

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